Coffee Talk : A Playlist

9:32 Fleet Foxes on the coffee shop stereo
: t r a n s e n d e n t :

10:30 Bon Ivar's - Skinny Love
: I want to crawl inside this song. I want to feel it on my skin and taste in on my tongue. I wish I could experience it with every one of my senses, on every level. :

11:46 Band of Horses - Islands.
: la la latte sip la la letter write la la. :

12:21 Jeff Buckley's - Hallelujah is making me feel choked up.
: I'm over-caffeinated, time to call it a morning. :


  1. I LOVE "HALLELUJAH". one of my favorite songs of all time :)

  2. hallelujah makes me get choked up too!!


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