Blair Waldorf Blooms

I was just watching the final scene of the Gossip Girl season 2 finale, and besides the fact that it gives me goosebumps everytime, and I think the Shiny Toy Guns song is perfect for this scene (I read it cost 80,000 dollars to use it!), Blair Waldorf and I have the same favorite flower! Probably because we are both hopeless romantics....


  1. sammmmm! i'm not sure if you know but i AM blair waldorf [in my head]. my favorite gossip girl quotes, which i feel like you might appreciate: "every queen must choose, a castle with a white knight or a quest with a dark prince" or "you can't save a damsel who likes her distress"

  2. BEST SCENE EVER!!!! i just love her.

  3. That scene made me smile like crazy...For the next whole day! Lol, I was sooo happy that they finally got together, and in such a cute way =). Ahh,can't help us romantics *grins*


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