2.1 Argentina : Like a Bed of Roses

{Ice crystals on the airplane window, sunset over Miami}

I smell so bad. So so so bad. I can smell myself. Eli can smell myself. And the person sitting 1 seat away can smell us both. Granted we have been traveling for 18 hours at this point. I didn't realize it until took off my cardigan while Eli and I were having a beer {I had a corona - when in Rome!} in the Miami airport and it was like someone set off a stink bomb. I broke the seal. It was all downhill from there.

I think most of this smell was accumulated during a frantic running around in the Miami airport which was clearly constructed by people who had a little too much imported cocaine. It's designed like an ant hill with different compartments and little outside tunnels lit by bare light bulbs. And there are no signs, anywhere. Miami is like a different country; I hear more Spanish than English from the people around me, and everyone is dressed like they are about to go to a nightclub. There are 4 couples making out and 30 screaming babies in the customs lines.

The plane was enormous. Like a movie theater with wings. There was a row of two seats, then 3 middle seats, and then a row of two more seats. Each one had their own personalized TV with a remote. I watched a few episodes of The Office until dinner came. Yes, they served us dinner! It was awesome. It came on a tray. Everything was miniature and individually wrapped. Dessert was tiramisu. Then i scrolled through the list of movies and watched the documentary on Vogue Magazine, September Issue, until I fell to sleep. Let me tell you, watching the beautiful models in a fashion magazine only added to the embarrassment of my model-esq Argentinian seat mate leaning as far away from me as possible.

I woke up to a breakfast of yogurt and croissants and 45 minutes later I was no longer the smelliest person on the airplane but the smelliest person in Argentina.


  1. haha enjoy argentina...it rocks! i so love bs.as.! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  2. That sounds like the flight I took to Australia with meals served and individual screens with lots of movies! I loved it. And I absolutely adore The September Issue. How you described Miami is exactly the impression I have of it. Never been, can't say I ever want to go...


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