6.2 Argentina : La Casa Rosada cont.

{this scene takes place on the balcony of La Casa Rosada. You can't really tell it's pink, but you can see all the beautiful architecture!}

And we can't talk about color symbolism with out thinking of a certain gender also associated with pink. On that topic I would like to share with you three things:
  1. The first non-royal female head of state in the Western Hemisphere was in Argentina.
  2. The country's most famous woman, Evita Peron, was not just a well-dressed accessory to her husband Juan Peron. Besides being the nations strongest advocate for low income workers, she also founded the Female Peronist party, which paved the way for full women's suffrage during the term of her husbands presidency. Infact when Evita died so did Peron's popularity.
  3. The country's current president, Christina Fernandez De Kirchner, is a woman. {She is Hilary Clinton in a parallel universe. Her husband was president before she was, like Mrs. Clinton. But, when she ran she got a whopping 45% of the popular vote}
All of these women had to use their male partners as access points, and a more in depth discussion on the state of the Argentinian women is better left to another blog post, but I couldn't help but be reminded of the oh-so-semiotic implications pink has on gender association. You can hardly imagine the hyper-masculine role of the American presidency accepting a building painted (gasp) pink!

As a little girl who once had a pink bedroom I can't help but wonder: If the most important building to my government was pink - would more little girls think to themselves 'This place was created just for me" ?


  1. I love your wanderlust blog from Argentina! But how miraculous - you got the YouTube control bar to be pink?!


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