3.1 : Welcome to the Jungle

Living in a hostel is like living in a zoo of humanity. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. I swear, we should be the ones in little cages; people are the most interesting animal on the planet (except maybe seashorses, where the male shoots out live fully formed babies)

I wish everyone's bunk had a little placard next to it that says their usual eating and sleeping habits. Mine would say
"This creature has an aversion to cold weather climates, except in it's sleeping environment. It prefers to burrow with other creatures of its kind at night time. Non-aggressive.
Primary foods: icecream, diet coke, vanilla lattes and high-fructose corn syrup."
But unfortunately this is not the case. I have so many questions!
I want to yell in the common room
"What do people eat for breakfast in Australia?"
"What the hell is marmite?"
"Why is that movie Australia so racist?"
and other questions better left for Wikipedia like "Are you actively fighting a war in Israel or is it more like isolated incidents?"

Living in the menagerie leaves plenty of opportunities to make an ass of yourself and fulfill your designated roll in the ecosystem as Americanus Stupidus.


  1. Sam... I cannot tell you how wonderful your travel writing is. You are beautiful, and I miss you and am SO glad you are taking this journey!


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