12.2 Argentina : My Life Needs Subtitles

The heat wave in Buenos Aires finally broke, leaving it overcast and inescapably humid. Although I would like to say I fill everyday in this foreign place with cultural experiences galore, sometimes you just need a break. So Eli and I searched for a movie theater that showed movies in English (yes, if we were true travelers we would have seen some sort of local independent film but have you ever heard of a little theory called escapism?)

The only movie playing in the next 5 hours at the theater we found was Young Victoria. Seeing a costume-drama with my boyfriend isn't usually my idea of a good time, but I could feel, I could smell, the air-conditioning inside. So we said okay.

Eli and I ran up the stairs and were stopped by the usher who said something neither of us understood. So, naturally, we followed his hand gestures only to find ourselves in a theater half way through a movie in Chinese. Once we determined that in fact that was not Young Victoria we left only to find the usher absolutely furious.

{here is a loose translation of our conversation}
"WHY did you do that?"
"um. we were confused."
"I told you what room to go in. There was no confusion"
"I'm from the United States and I couldn't understand so I just went where your hand said to"
"Well in your country it may be okay to just do whatever the hell you want but in my country, NO. get out of the theater"
"Please. We're sorry. It was an accident"
and the man begrudgingly let us into the proper theater.
This man was the rudest person I've met since I got here! It's not okay in any country to intentionally disobey someone. asshole.

The last frame of Young Victoria made me sob {what a love story!}. And even though Eli surpasses every expectation I have for him (He took me to see 500 Days of Summer, twice) he just "didn't see the point of that movie!" But we were able to agree it was beautiful to look at and the air conditioning was pretty beautiful too.


  1. Have you seen the movie 'Assassinaqtion Tango"? It's a film produced by Robert Duvall, featuring him and his wife (an Argentinian woman half his age!). Tango is his thing and the film takes a very authentic look at that aspect of this nation's culture (also the angst-ridden politics).


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