8.2 : Misnomer was a Vocab Word

(n) \mis-ˈnō-mər\ : an inappropriate designation or name

DSC03100 DSC03101 edit

Puerto Madero is on the Rio de Plata or the River of Silver. Umm... what? I was expecting a sparkling babbling stream and it looks like the bottom of a cup of coffee. It should be called the Rio de Cafe con Leche!

And the bridge pictured is called Puente de la Mujer or the Bridge of the Woman, and isn't it especially falic? It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and is meant to look like a man and woman dancing tango. The engineering on it is so interesting, but the name of it is about as accurate as the river it crosses!


  1. I've got to give a lot of credit to any architect who wants to create a bridge inspired by the image of a man and a woman dancing tango. We could use some of that romantic outlook in our corner of the world!

  2. hah - Aunt Tara I love that. I guess it is the most romantic bridge in the world!


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