Because We Are All A Recovering {Something}

A particularly enlightening conversation between two haggard-looking men, in front of me on the train
lilac bush hug, flowers ensconsing, all those sorta circles
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a: "He needs to pay a penalty!"

b: "He did. He spent a week out on the street until he got let back in to the program"

a: "So. Who's fault is that?"

b: "His. But, man, it's not like that. Think, forgiveness"

a: "I've spent 14 years clean. He can't even spend 6 months. He's going to get back in and in 2 months he is going to relapse again."

b: "You can't judge him like that though"

a: "I'm not judging anyone. That's business for the lord"

b: "Hate descends. Hate descends."

a: "All I'm saying in that there needs to be some kinda payback for doing that"

b: "Look, you know I'm the last person to stick up for Jeff. We don't get along. But I don't even wanna think about the kinda judgment you give me when I'm not sitting here next to you"

a: "Naw. That's different"

b: "It's not though, man. This program says 'it's safe to fail'. We're all getting sober on our own time. You keep your eye on your own progress, and I got an eye on mine. And that's all we can worry about."
then they went on to talk about how pretty some girl crossing the street was, and right back to being friends.

Even with out a drug addiction I think we can all understand what it's like to work towards being a better version of ourselves. I hope everyone has a place where it is safe to fail at that. And to try again.


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