A Very Merry (un)Birthday

birthday cards 001 - Copy (2)
birthday cards inside 002
This is a little birthday card I made my friend Shannon. I wish you all could meet her to understand why it is so appropriate, but here is a little something to give you an idea...

Our friend, Dave, sent her THIS video as a 'theme song' for her birthday weekend and this was her response:
"what in the HELL is this? theme song? for who? this woman looks like a convict.
Honestly, i'm concerned about how you even found this video. everything about it is terrible and second rate - the palms look like they were ripped off a display from pier one, the clothes are indescribable (canal street special?), and anyone wearing a denim skirt over the age of 18 gets a strike in my book. oh and the hair- can she only afford to rent one piece of the blonde weave at a time or what?"
I cackled just copy-and-pasting that.
everytime i talk to her on the phone my face hurts from laughing so hard!


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