Perspective: Eternal Damnation or Vacation?

I work with someone who is just like those characters you see in movies set in the South during the 1950's. She never fails to, unintentionally, be a source of wisdom.
Me: "It is hotter than hell in here"

Raydell: "Baby, you can call it hell or you can call it Hawai'i. Up to you."
She just tells it like it is, and I think we all need to hear that sometimes. Have you ever noticed the way some people can just be honest with out the fear of hurting someone with their words? I wish I was more like that.

[image f: "Miami Revue" photographed by Alexi Lubomirski for German Vogue]


  1. i love this! it's all about how you choose to look at life.

  2. Yesterday the air conditioning went out at work and most definitely used the line about "heaven or Hawaii" on about 6 people. Thanks Sam for turning my frown upside down!


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