Someday Monday : A Shelter for the Abused Pets of Abuse Victims

This gut-wrenching article in the NYT magazine yesterday on the connection between animal abusers and other kinds of violence pointed out that the correlation isn't just a lack of empathy. Often animals are used as a method of control
  • 85% of women in shelters reported incidents of animal abuse [according to a 1997 survey of the 48 largest shelters in the US]
  • 1/4 of battered women reported that they delayed leaving an abusive relationship out of worry for a pet.
  • Animal abuse, like child and partner abuse, are power-and-control crimes.
So if my dad ever gets his perpetual motion machine going, and I become a professional philanthropist, this will be my foundation. Helping the cause of women's rights, and helping those with even less power, animals.

I could have central center in town and then a sanctuary out on a farm {just like this picture of my dog, Maddy}. Abused kids could come and work there to help rebuild the places in their hearts that are broken by neglect and the exposure to and experience of suffering. The article points out that "children are driven to suppress their own feelings of kindness and tenderness toward a pet because they can't bear the pain caused by their own empathy for the abused animal". A place where I can help everyone. Someday.

If there is one thing I believe in most it is new beginnings. I am always beginning again. I make new years resolutions, mid-year resolutions, Chinese new-year resolutions ... even halloween (which happens to be witch's new year) resolutions.

I love the idea of starting over, from a marked place, with the hope that this time it's for real. Maybe I still hate yoga, can only knit in straight lines, and don't check my voicemail more than once a week. But, there
is no reason that tomorrow I can't be worlds most-limber woman, in a slouchy beanie I made myself, with "no new messages".

It's convenient that a fresh start comes at the beginning of every week. And it's time that I start taking advantage of that. So, I'm starting this feature called "Someday Monday" where I'll share with you with you the things I hope to do, or hope to be, s o m e d a y. Whenever that happens to come around.

& I would love it if you shared your "somedays" with me and my readers too {via e-mail: samanthashorey(at)} or on your own blog. I'll post those here on Mondays as well.


  1. I feel like you write these things directly to me! Your blog is a daily inspiration that I look forward to in the most meaningful ways.


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