Hi there, I'm Sam! A red lipstick wearing, film photo taking, snuggle up with the Sunday paper kind of girl. For now, I live in between Seattle and San Francisco.

 I think I'm one of the luckiest people in the world, getting to do both my dream jobs! I'm in pursuit of a PhD studying communication and online culture. And, in the summer months, I'm a fine art wedding photographer. I have a full fledged love affair with film photography and I took almost all the photos you'll see here. My favorite camera is a Pentax K1000 (with a 50mm lens) that my parents received as a wedding present 20 years ago.

My favorite things are unruly garden roses and mismatched china. I like day-time parties, songs with soaring choruses (ooo ooohhhh), and movies that are funny and sad at the same time. I probably talk too much.

I live a simple life in a rainy city, where I'm always searching for something.
This is a place for what I've found.

If you're looking for my photography portfolio you can find that here.
If you're looking for academic work you can find that here

m y  w o r k  
e l s e w h e r e 

photo by Cassy Berry


Rico Pole :

Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying your photos and commentary. Best, from Asheville, NC.

shravan.k :

Pics are really awesome

Notas de madero :

I have a pentax k1000 like you, I bought this camera from my father, it's a special camera for me and I enjoy a lot shooting photos with this camera.

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