been there | Cape Cod

Leah in Cape Cod
Beach Grass

more film photos and a story from Cape Cod on my portfolio!
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sunflowers marking the end of summer.

Northampton sunflowers.
it always seemed fitting to me that the sunflowers bloom last, like a flame that burns brightest before it's out completely.

(photos) on 120 film with hasselblad 503cx | Northampton, MA
(p.s.) an insta-video of the neighborhood gardens this time last year
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a surprise for the soon-to-be Mrs. Byerly

hi Whit! Your best friend Sarah made a little magic happen. 
I'm so very excited for me (+ my camera!) to be there on your big day! 
love is great. see you soon!

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weekend away | NYC + NJ

Things I Saw and Ate in New York/New Jersey... 
1. Grand Central Station | 2. at work, a birthday candle in my cheeseburger. 
3. Rockaway Beach | 4. pork roll for breakfast
5. Long Branch boardwalk | 6. Lighthouse Scrollo's italian ice. 

(p.s.) "weekend away" is a series of iPhone pics from short trips. more weekends here.
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