weekend away | NYC + NJ

Things I Saw and Ate in New York/New Jersey... 
1. Grand Central Station | 2. at work, a birthday candle in my cheeseburger. 
3. Rockaway Beach | 4. pork roll for breakfast
5. Long Branch boardwalk | 6. Lighthouse Scrollo's italian ice. 

(p.s.) "weekend away" is a series of iPhone pics from short trips. more weekends here.
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cabbage roses, thistles, and a blushing bride to be.

bride to be.
on the aisles.
one year ago: Tessa's wedding. We've spent a lot mornings of mornings together (as housemates, and even a short stint sharing a bed) but this one was my favorite. Just me and my best friend, getting ready for a really big day. 

(photos) on film with hasseblad 503cm |  2 is with the pentax tho. 
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been there | Napa Valley

After Laura's wedding in Napa, I drove back into the city with some of her friends from highschool. Before we got to the highway we took the backroads to see a little more of the valley. It was in early August, so the blackberries were at their peak, but none of the girls had picked them roadside before. 

 "Are you sure we should eat these?" The berries were covered a faint coat of dust and car exhaust. But there were 18 years worth of small town summers inside of me that made me certain - really certain, like an instinct - that we should. 

(photos) on film with pentax k1000 | Napa Valley, CA

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weekend song | Favorite Song

I almost played this song out on our drive up to Maine a few weeks ago (almost.) As the chorus says: I'm all about that jam. It's not like it gets to me on any emotional level  - unless you count the irrepressible urge to be poolside as an emotion. Must be that sample.

(p.s.) fun fact: The Childish Gambino is Donald Glover. Remember his kiss with Hannah on Girls?
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