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Morning Glories in Los Angeles
Outside Intelligentsia
Griffith Observatory
Bar Stella in Silverlake
One of my best friends, Christopher, has lived in Los Angeles for nearly all of his life. People have such an opinion about his city - either a dewey-eyed reverence for living in Hollywood or the dry often-heard declaration of "god, I hate LA".  But, to Christopher it's simply home. I guess I never really thought of Los Angeles as anyone's hometown, as a place you could love in the knowing way that I associate with small rural states. But, as he showed me the city he showed me his life and all the past and present that he has there. LA is just a part of him. He loves it - and I love it - for that. 

what to do with an afternoon in LA... 
  1. iced coffee at Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney 
  2. walk down the street to Gjelina Take-Away and pick up a picnic to eat in Griffith Park (if you're lucky, your very hip local tour guide won't mind doing the tourist thing and will take you up to the Observatory)
  3. moscow mules at Bar Stella in Silverlake, under the bougainvillea.

(photos) on film with Leica CL, except for the 3rd which is iPhone | around Los Angeles 


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