Erin Fetherston

"and the word butterfly made him blush..." J. Safran Foer
These images are from Erin Fetherston, one of my favorite favoriiittteeee designers. They're from her spring line, and don't they just exude spring to you? They remind me of Easter - minus those shiteous bonnets and itchy lace. Okay, maybe I'm just a sucker for anything that looks like tie dye. Erin graduated from UC Berkeley (... probably the source of her tie dye usage) and took her degree with her over to France and went back to school at Parson's. No wonder her whole line looks like a fairy tale - she is a couture cinderella. The whole show was full of sequins and lace and it just reminded me of butterflies. It's soft, romantic, and feels like falling in love. Is there really anything better?


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