Life Lists : The Kind of Parent I Want to Be

My Gender & Communication class has really made me examine the kind of parent I want to be when I grow up.

I want to be the kind of parent who...
(1) teaches their child about the equality of all people
(2) never, ever, allows words of hate in my house
(3) never says "your just a teenager" - I will bare witness to their problems
(4) reads them books every night
(5) has a household filled with good music in the evenings
(6) doesn't force gender roles on my child (i.e. allowing my male children to cry)
(7) always shares the responsibilities of the house - my husband will not sit on the couch.
(8) packs lunches in the morning with cute notes
(9) has a house where everyone wants to be, and they are always welcome
(10) I will always, a l w a y s, hug and kiss my children and hug and kiss their father.


  1. I like the rule where you say you'll never say they're just a teenager. Also, the rule where you said you'll always kiss them and your husband. AFFECTION IS A MUST lol


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