Post Graduation Plans: Elephant orphan lover

After watching this piece on 60 Minutes about ♥ orphaned baby elephants I e-mailed all 3 addresses at the orphanage in Kenya and told them i would donate my entire summer free of charge for any job they will let me do!

A lot of the time the baby elephants watched their mothers killed by poachers and they die from sadness ! I cried. (surprise)

"Their tremendous capacity for caring: their sort of forgiveness, unselfishness — they have all the best attributes of us humans and not very many of the bad."
Dame Daphne

So I might be keeping up this blog from Africa this summer.


  1. While visiting the Elephant Stay in Thailand, pianist Paul Bartonl had the chance to perform a duet with Peter the elephant. The two performed some 12 bar blues together, and Peter can even be seen shaking his head along to the music. See it here for yourself!


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