Windy Freda: The Interview

Today, I interviewed Susannah Lipsey of Windy Freda! She was the nicest woman ... or girl? I can't figure out which word to use because she is 27 and talking with her was the easiest and most fun interview I've ever done. She was just great: had a cute southern drawl and was so friendly. And it turns out a lot of the marketing pictures are actually her!
" At the end of the day you don't want to look like anyone else - look like yourself!"

She lives in a Marfa, Texas and from the way she described it I would just love to live there. Its full of artists and eccentric people - just the kind of life I want when I graduate in a few months.

The full interview will be in the first issue of The Vista next semester, in the arts & culture section! And can be read online here.


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