46 things i want/ed to do before i'm 45

from 16 YEAR OLD SAM
1. learn to fly an airplane [wtf was i thinking? i'm terrified of heights]
2. write and publish a novel
3. work in a coffee shop or book store
4. get a small tattoo
win an award
6. protest for a cause i believe in
7. learn to toss a pizza crust
8. see a humpback whale up close
9. own a convertible and give it a name
10. learn to speak sign language
11. become fluent in spanish [.. i'm fluent when i order at Roberto's Taco Shop at 2 a.m.]
12. learn to blow glass
13. meet someone famous
14. learn to ball room dance
15. give a hickey [what a high aspiration. really]
16. learn to surf, or atleast try.
17. take a yoga class
18. learn to fold paper cranes
19. paint a mural on a wall in my house
20. have a photograph published in a magazine or newspaper
21. learn to snowboard, or atleast try
22. be a m.i.l.f.
23. become a cultured wine connoisseur
24. learn atleast a little about cars
25. find a pearl in an oyster
27. leave a 'lasting legacy' somewhere
28. be a band-groupie
29. get my braces off
30. go rock climbing outside
31. drive a golf cart
32. get a massage
33. run The Bay to Breakers in San Fransico
34. experience summer love

from 20 YEAR OLD SAM this summer
35. own a pair of Manolo Blaniks
36. live in France for the duration of a visa
37. grow lavender
38. be okay being alone

39. practice Buddhism
40. travel Europe
41. have a best friend
42. figure out how to thank my dad
43. get married
44. learn to spin pottery on a pottery wheel
45. develop chic
46. hike the Na'pali trail


  1. Sam-

    #29 makes me giggle
    #41 insults me (boop!)
    #42 warms my heart
    and I would like to do #46 with you


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