A Biased Cut

"Conventional feminists miss the power women gain from their sexuality. They are correct in assuming that women can and have been oppressed by their sexuality. But this oppression has occurred by limiting them solely to this as their basis of value. The key is that sexuality is not a woman's only power. True female equality is achieved by giving women as many opportunities for power as possible. In denying a woman's sexuality, one is again limiting the power women have."
An excerpt from my honors thesis, A Biased Cut


  1. This excerpt has been rolling around in my head over and over again for the past few days. I am SOOO excited to read your thesis! I love you and can't wait til you come home again so we can have deep talks about womens' sexuality as empowerment vs. womens' sexuality as oppresion! I love you! You are the most talented and intelligent person I know! And I mean that 100%.


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