Yah right, Yale.

I am working on my column for the newspaper right now (Kaitlin, I promise.) It's a connection between American Apparel and the Utilitarianist Fashion Movement. There is absolutely no literature connecting these two things. But, in my pursuit, I did come across THIS regarding American Apparel's advertising strategies from another college newspaper
"The girls aren’t sculpted and dressed to satisfy a male onlooker, as they are in every single Victoria’s Secret advertisement, nor are they stylized to be high-end fashion. These girls were probably shot in their homes, in hallways with doors and windows in plain sight. They didn’t have to try hard to pose — they’re lying comfortably in beds, maybe playing dress-up with sunglasses or playfully hiding behind curtains."
This girl CANNOT be serious.

No, American Apparel's fashion scheme isn't anything like high-end fashion layouts because of 1. their target market 2. their brands over all indie intentions.

But "they're lying comfortably in bed."? puh-lease. American Apparels ad campaigns are designed intentionally to look like 70's pornography. Sometimes the models themselves actually are pornstars (as was the case with Lauren Phoenix).

American Apparel deserves to be commended, to some extent, for its portrayal of diverse, and non-siliconed women. But I think that article is a bit of a stretch.

On the bright side the article is actually really well written even though i don't agree at all with the content.

*Hi Darlings! I promise i'm not dead. So sorry i haven't posted since thursday. Dear lawd, its been a while since it's been a while. I've just been super busy with my 50 page honors thesis & raising 20 thousand dollars for my sorority's philanthropy. Just two little things.


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