If I Thought I Had Fallen in Love Before

I have been absolutely head over heels  for these Mui Mui-meets-Monet heels since I wrote about them here in February. My heart has only grown fonder - they are even more beautiful when photographed in real life!

I don't think I've ever wanted anything more, ever.

  [image f: Garance Dore]

* posting might be a bit light this week, everything i've been working so hard for all semester is coming together all at once. I will try to post (and post about all the work i'm doing) but please don't give up on me, darling readers!


  1. you could rip off a bunch of the blue sequins on your YSL pumps and try to re create (re-craft) these shoes yourself...

    just a thought...

  2. oh i am in love. these are wonderful.


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