Seasons of Love

I was thinking about people today and about how everyone's heart seems to have a life time season. I saw the pictures below and they touched me in a way that made me think about how much i love spring, and all that it has meant to me through out my life. But I know that I don't have a spring heart. I know my heart is the month of August; long days, and welcomed dark nights - hours that seem to burst at the seems with excitement, wonder, and anticipation. August is the culmination of brightness and love, but it is tinted with a warm sadness at the awareness that this, like all things, is finite.

my friend Laura is June. So much like August in so many ways - but with a kind of contentment that i have yet to find. My friend Sabrina is September, acceptant of change and marked by balance. And my friend Melanie, blithe and light and rosy, blooming and growing in every moment.. is spring.

[images f: The Cherry Blossom Girl]


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