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Hello Darling Readers,

In Communications Studies we have a theory called
Social Penetration Theory, derived from 1973 study by Altman and Taylor which states "as relationships develop, communication moves from relatively shallow, nonintimate levels to deeper more personal ones."

Due to this, in honor of today's special benchmark and the nostalgia I've been feeling about graduating from college, here are some excerpts from my journal. I feel like it's time you get to know me even a little bit better.

This blog has been such an incredible life line for me. Please keep stopping by.

Tons of Thanks and Love with my whole heart,

"As i'm packing i hesitate on a red velvet pouch; it looks so much like my heart. I will not pack this away i think, i will not pack away my heart with your memory."

"Burr's don't just fall away, the must be pulled away - with effort. I feel myself releasing each of these burrs, one by one. Free to grow in some other setting, but not in my clothes. Not in my existence. Not against my skin, delicately scraping with every movement until the surface is raw and bleeding.

"i closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around the loneliness that i had eluded for days. "there you are." i whispered as i felt myself fall back into the darkness. This longing felt like home."

"I open my heart knowing fully well the consequences of perception. My depth of feeling has lead to fragility, but to get here i had to be fearless. and that is the exact opposite of weak."

"Guitar strings stitch together my ripping heart seems..."

"Its not that in my darkest moments i've given up hope, or resigned myself to a life time of mutually exclusive happiness or honesty.
It's that i'm disappointed by a life that continues to prove the incredible amount of hope i have foolish. If anything, my heart hurts not because i'm hopeless but because i am (maybe unreasonably) hopeful."

"And I'm strong. And I need to start acting like I'm strong. Today is the day i am absolutely done living my life in a way that is not completely exemplary of the person i am inside."


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