Floatsam (thats an actual word)

"Even if things get a bit too heavy
we'll all float on okay."
modest mouse
Something has shifted inside of me.
I don't know why and I don't know where.
But I feel like I'm floating. The image that I'm looking for here isn't floating in the air, but more like in raft on the water.
Though floating lacks much depth, it allows you to see your reflection. It allows you to see the light above you, and you can absorb it and feel it inside of you. and most of all it allows for movement.
So, I'm okay with floating through this last wonderful month in San Diego.
"Heah we nelly kill our fool selves running way from darkness an danger and him lay up dere and sleep and just float on!"
Their Eyes Were Watching God
(This quote is about an incredible flood, and I love it because it reminds me of the way we work so hard to avoid pain but really, sometimes if we just let the water run its course we float our way to safety)

I feel wholly new and different.

* who would have thought that a poor, homesick, brunette from oregon could ever be one of USD's most influential graduates of 2009? not me that's for sure, but I'm on my way to a banquet for that exact thing right now...


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