Marisa De Los Santos | On Distance

"recently he had been thinking even more than he usually did about quantum nonlocality, the way once two electrons were entangled, you could separate them, shoot them hundreds of thousands of miles in opposite directions and they'd stay linked: if you set one of them spinning, the other would instantly spin at the same speed in the opposite direction. They weren't talking to eachother; communication was not whizzing back and forth faster than the speed of light. These two particles just existed outside regular reality, outside spacetime, in a state where distance was meaningless, where distance wasn't."
Marisa De Los Santos, Belong To Me (a book given to me by the person on the right in this photo. Someone who I will be entangled with forever, a person who belongs to me.)


  1. I love love love you... and no distance or country border will separate us, because I know you'll be off in Europe soon enough! There is always a place for you in Glen Ellyn or wherever I may be :) :) :)


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