I'm Going To Miss This : Roses infront of the IPJ

"The End

You must have felt it working in your bones. It's begun: The papers
print the same stories over and over, and have you checked

the obituaries? Already, nobody remembers

how their first kiss went. The phone keeps ringing and ringing
when nobody's home. Between our skins is a necessary friction

that separates us forever
. Look: space.
Somewhere, a lost key. It's begun:
What was once the wind or an echo or an accidental sweetness"
-Arkaye Kierulf

* Today is my very last day of college.


  1. lovely roses, congrats on finishing college, I kinda know how that feels, I am approaching the end of high school and while it's a smaller scale it's still a huge ending, and a big step to start college! Good luck on what ever is next.


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