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Laura Mulvey's theory about the Male Gaze says (among other things) that the patriarchy of cinema makes us all voyeurs.

I don't know if I can blame this one on patriarchy, but I have a deep interests in looking at people and acquiring information about them anonymously. Perhaps its the journalist in me - but I am constantly having to repress the desire to look through peoples purses and medicine cabinets. I think people use objects to help define themselves - dually using them as a means of expression and an aid in construction.

These shot glasses belong to the actress Alessandra Torresani, and they are identical to a set of plates I coveted in the window of a furniture store in the East Village when i worked their last October. Virtue Theory is my favorite branch of philosophy, and something I think about often. A fun, functional, and philosophical set of dishes says a lot about the person that owns them. And, imagine the dinner party conversation!

I think human beings are the most interesting thing on the planet, and I am so often just drawn to people I crave to know more about. That's why it is no surprise to me that a website like The Selby, which photographs people and their things, is so successful.


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