Coffee Talk 7.20 : How a Girl 'Cat-Calls'

G: "lets start cat calling guys"

S: "what would i yell at a guy? 'ey yo. wanna kiss and then lay in bed and talk all night?"

G: "I don't know!"

S: "baby! you look like you've got some flannels in your closet that i might look good in'

G: "you look like you've got cool taste in music that you might like to share"

S: "woo-wee, stud. Do you like to read?'

[image f: Here Comes The Sun


  1. Laughing out loud at this and reading it in the accent you say this time its really a burgalar in

  2. can't lie sam made up aaall the cat calls. mine would be like.. "hey.. boy. you fine."


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