The Shore Where I Have Roots*

{*allusion: Pablo Neruda }

[image f: The Selby]

I could live my life like a tumbleweed, and never put down roots anywhere.
But of all the plants that feel like they are a part of me, that inspire recognition from my soul, the dry and spiny traveler is not one of them.
In the last year I've felt so unconnected to anywhere. Happy here, but looking and hoping for a better there.

I'm not a tumbleweed. I need to put down roots. The kind of roots that feed and nourish. And those roots, they will not come easily. They will require effort, and searching, and action the way that plant life requires soil and sunshine.

I need to stop being satisfied with the future, with following the wind.
Today is the day i make the commitment to be planted, to be present, and to B l o o m .


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