A Yellow Balloon Affair

I took a few rolls of cute & silly photo's for my sisters sorority last week (she is a my Theta Legacy!). I am really amateur when it comes to photography - but something about a green park, beautiful girls, and yellow balloons makes good shots a lot easier!

[images f: my vintage pentax k1000]


  1. How do I see more?? I miss my sisters :( your hair looks great! the curl creme helpin?? haha. :) LETS HANG OUT SAM!

  2. Jenny,
    Lily is going to upload them onto her facebook after i get her the disks today so you can see them there.

    and yes. addicted to bumble & bumble.
    and yes. lets hang out soon

  3. Sam i adore you and your pics are wonderful. something about them being from a vintage camera and having a vintage feel is so beautiful. I have really been loving all of your photos! I even feel jealous :)

  4. randomly came across your page and am --in LOVE! p.s. i'm a theta! :)

  5. Sam a really great photo!!So glad to find you!

    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!


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