Coffee Talk : Perspective

St: "Something is going to grow from this the same way something grew out of all you lost in your past love relationships. This is an inch. It's this big. Compared to the long line of your whole life - which is this big and getting bigger. That small part doesn't change all the love and trust you had for them before. And look how big that is next to this tiny little inch. It's greater. This small part in my hands feels huge right now because you are living it. But farther down the line you will realize how small it was."

S: "All i wanted was to be seen that same way. To have this be measured against who i've been for the rest of my life. Just once."

St: "If that's what you want then do the same. You can't just stop trusting or having friends. You never stopped believing in love even when you're heart was broken into a thousand pieces."

S: "And i never stopped loving those people either."

[image f: Irem Dogan]


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