The Beauty of the Pessimist

I want to introduce you to some of my friends! And, not just blog friends (though those are wonderful too) but people that have been a part of my real everyday life, and who have saved my life with their words and presence more times than I can count.

Because they are fabulous & full of talent & you should follow them, too!

S h e ...
Oregonian, sarcastic, drives a Jetta, soul-mate of mine, barista-beauty, inspired the character of Cornelia in Marisa De Los Santos' novels, loyal, lives at the coast in solitude, private, a radical feminist, skin like coffee icecream, hates goodbyes, pixie haircut, learning to forgive.

once said ...

"I do not regret sending my truths to him, but I also do not need to keep apologizing for myself. I need to throw myself forward and create a future that I won't need to say sorry for. Because it is about god damn time."
now go on and fall in love with her too.


  1. Samantha Shorey, you are so wonderful. You didn't need to do this, which makes you all the more wonderful. You are FAR too kind, missy.

    PLEASE COME STAY WITH ME. I miss you like you wouldn't believe.

  2. We've already started our love affair over english crumbly cheese on Banbury Ave. many months ago.

  3. Ah, the love between soul mates. Can we please have a reunion soon? Like in Switzerland, perhaps?? Let me know when you book your tickets loves!


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