The Best Thing to Do When it Rains is ...

... let it rain. [Henry Wadswroth Longfellow]

images (1): Jewelery Designer LuvAj. She just put out a new line of body chains and was featured on WhoWhatWear. !

(2) I interviewed her when I was the Fashion Columnist at The University of San Diego - click the picture to see the pdf or HERE !!

(3) my obviously not water proof suede boots. Which I wore today. when it was pouring. and I was miserable! Oh Oregon..


  1. sam!!! you are so great for featuring me and my sis, thank you so much! let me know if you ever want to collaborate on anything, my sister ( i are doing a lot of new projects together right now that you might be interested in. let me know if you want any jewelry too! you definitely will get the friends discount on anything you want xo amanda


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