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"We don't label our days Serious Days or Humorous Days. We know that each day contains endless nuances - if written would contain dozens of disparate passages, funny ones, sad one, poignant ones, brutal ones, the terrifying and the cuddly."
Dave Eggers, Mistakes We Knew We Were Making (appendix to A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius)

* I had a day like this earlier this week. Which started with me sobbing in the kitchen because of some deliberate cruelty. But Tessa scooped me up and took me to The Goodwill (that's what she calls it. The. Like The Beatles. Like The one and only. Or that this isn't a thrift store but really Kants highest ideal [a little philosophy funny for you there.] Then we had a margarita because my throat hurt and i needed something cold on it and this seemed like the natural choice. And the combination of Tears and Tequila and Target and Tuesday lead me to buy a pair of black and white striped gloves that make me look like a Tim Burton + Beatle Juice love child. And I laughed.

And this morning I didn't cry. I dropped chocolate chips in my coffee. And put on a rainbow knitted beanie.
And went into the cold weather & the cold of humanity. and I laughed.


  1. Hi Sam ! I loved you msg ! Thank you very much and I always visit your blog !


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