Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Christmas Presents

Last monday {which turned out to be, statistically speaking, the busiest post office day of the year} I spent 2 hours in the post office writing addresses, and picking boxes to send out an armful of Christmas presents and cards to the people I miss.

This monday, I'm going to be having a holly-jolly day knowing that there are little green polkadotted & red striped packages arriving on peoples door steps all over the country!

Even though the holidays are pretty stressful {and waiting in line behind senior citizens is awful! ... and subsequently thinking that makes me feel more awful} it's kind of fun to be in the post-office with people doing the same thing you are.

It's wonderful knowing that those boxes are full of thoughtfulness & christmas cookies, not anthrax or overdue bills. .

so when i'm standing in line with 113 people infront of me ... it's like seeing 113 "I love you"s, stamped and waiting for departure.

a.k.a Samantha Claus

[image f: my vintage pentax!]


  1. so nicely put!! 113 "i loves you's"...i like it!

  2. Sam,
    just saw your comment on my blog and loved your book recommendations. Thanks for stopping by and I love your blog!! xo

  3. such pretty photos on your page

  4. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog earlier!

    This post made me happy.. It's a nice thought knowing other random people around you are all spreading the love over the holidays too :)



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