2.3 Argentina : Even the Leaves Blowing Out of the Tree ...

I hang my head out the window and put on my Ipod which Dana loaded full of tunes for me and begin the opening scene to my own personal travel movie.

Argentina's airport is called Ezeiza field. The abbreviation is EZE, and any time you say it its like you are saying "easy!" Can't speak the language? Easy! Being the smelliest person on a bus? Easy! 

And they weren't lying about the field part either. The first forty-five minutes of the journey are through plains that smell like freshly cut grass where taxi drivers and police officers pull off the road and park in pastures to share a cup of coffee. The grass sways like oceans, and groups of old men sit on pick-nick benches on river sides. Life seems easy. The ancient people of South America believe that the world is ending in 2012, and looking out at rural Buenos Aires I think I'm starting to get that. In the United States when I think about the apocalypse I think 'no no no! I'm not ready! If I'm vaporized what about to-do lists, my life goals, the books I want to read? 'All of them feel too great to leave behind uncompleted. But here people just seem to go about living, and when it ends there will be no jobs left undone except for the grass to be mowed. Leaving this world from Buenos Aires seems all too anti-climactic since you've already felt the peace in heaven.


  1. Simply beautiful. If you take a ferry to Colonia in Uruguay, you will find yourself in a quiant, little town from another era. It is beautiful like that too.

    Or, if you visit an Estancia outside the city for lunch or a swim, you will find yourself immersed in a tranquil, softly buzzing, sunlit escape.

    Enjoy yourself Sammy!

  2. Beautiful song! Your trip sounds splendid so far!

  3. I recently posted some Sam Cooke music on my blog too :) Such beautiful music! And beautiful name too, right?


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