Jack Kerouac | Manana

"we gazed at the stars together and kissed. 'Manana' she said 'everything'll be alright tomorrow don't you think?'
'Sure baby manana.' It was always manana. A lovely word that probably means heaven."
Jack Kerouac, On the Road


  1. hi dear friend. where are you when i need you? i promise i am not a stalker, when i admit that i spent an hour reading all of your posts that had to do with love. please know that in my darkest hours you inspire, uplift, and heal my soul with your beautiful words and heart. and i know you can empathize when i tell you how alienated i feel, that i don't measure up to how "i should be." but you give me faith that i am just misunderstood, and that the deepest of emotions are a gift and not burden.

  2. such a lovely quote. made me smile :)


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