A Reflection on Peter Gabriel's "Your Eyes"

I've had a weird thing for this song which started when I was working at Red's Espresso Gallery. It used to come on the radio after I got off work; when I was the kind of wired that can only come from waking up at 4:45 a.m, having unlimited access to lattes, making coffee like a robot on repeat, and being forced to listen to puntamayo world music for a 7 hour shift; then walking out the doors to find another perfect sunny day, a glimmering San Diego Harbor, and bumper to bumper traffic on Linda Vista for no god damn reason when I had 13 minutes to get to class.

I actually don't really even like the chorus - I'm not a real fan of steel drums, or faux steel drum keyboard noises if that's what it is, unless I'm on vacation in the Caribbean. But eff, I love the first verse so much. "Looooove, I get so lost. some. times." When I sing it I feel like I'm singing it to someone.

And then there is the scene from Say Anything, which kills me everytime.

Because who hasn't fantasized about that moment? After I was on over-caffeinated student/barista I was a broken-hearted lingerie sales girl, and I used to stare down the escalator and picture my very own Say Anything moment. That would be it, you know?

I'm sorry, and I have a musical tribute for you to prove it publicly. I'm not going to play it on instrument because that is awkward for everyone but I am going to play it for you on this Boom-Box (or maybe an iPod dock as I don't know where you would find a giant CD player these days).

Which is why I reference this song pretty often in my daily life, even though that scene is the only part of the movie I have ever watched.

When someone says "I am so over him!" I always respond "What if he showed up with a boom-box over his head?" and it always makes them pause. It makes me pause. Because really what if?


  1. this last question really made me smile...because the truth is, if he showed up with boom box over his head, I've probably forgive anything.

  2. Running Fiance - I think I would forgive my boyfriend for ANYTHING too if a boom-box was involved too. Hopefully it never comes to that :)

  3. that makes three of us... call me a sucker but the boom-box factor would really do it.

  4. PS sam, never show this to you-know-who in case he decides it might be a good idea to show up at my door someday... thanks much.

  5. I've never seen Say Anything, but now I really want to.

  6. you say you dont like steel drum, but that is probably because you have never heard Freddy Harris III - check him out -


  7. Haha, I am so glad you wrote about this because I love that song!

    And that movie! You should definitely watch the whole thing. I saw it for the first time last year, and it immediately became one of my favorites. John Cusack is just too adorable.

  8. I'm not even going to say how I feel about this post. 'Cause you already know.

    And I hear this song every morning at Starbucks, and it takes me way back to that question. Because I used to hope for it more than wonder.

    Come home to us soon!


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