Good Morning! {I'm Probably Saying That Right Now As You Read This}

Today was my first day training in the room service department of the fancy-pants hotel connected to the restaurant I work in, starting at 5:30 am.
Usually we include a little bouquet of carnations on the tray but this morning I cut d a f f o d i l s !

[images f: Tim Burton's Big Fish, perhaps my favorite setting in a movie ever! (1) sharon uk ]

As I pushed the trays down the hall, I felt a little inspired watching their happy, heavy heads bobbing, open to the day. It made me want to greet the day {and the sleepy people still snug in their beds} that way too!


  1. "today, i cut daffodils."

    that sounds like a fun way to describe your day :)

  2. sam! last week i got to buy fresh flowers to put around the common areas of my work and i chose daffodils!!! <3


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