Old Maid

unclear whether this photo was taken after a party or after a cougar mauling
circa 2007.

I used to be a bit of a party girl. For example: I had the bouncer at the Sandbar's personal phone number, cut the line no matter the night, and even got invited to the company employee open-bar christmas party.

Last night I was determined to revive this part of myself. After 2 1/2 hours worth of a 5-hour-energy-drink and a quarter of a cigarette I was ready to go. Got to the bar, ordered myself a double gray goose and soda {because, really, money is no object when I've had even a sip of alcohol. no no no this one is one me} and in the morning, after only 5 drinks in a six hour period, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

Are you joking around? I used to drink 14 dollars worth of 2-dollar-you-call-its on any given Wednesday! Such is the case no longer. All I wanted to do was curl up next to my boyfriend, who is somewhere in Bolivia right now, and eat a fist-full of a extra strength Excedrin.

If my collegiate self could see me now she would say there is nothing glamorous about having a bedtime, Sam. And you want to know what I would tell her?
There is nothing glamorous about paying a cab to take you through tacobell either.


  1. this post makes me so homesick for san diego and YOU!

  2. sounds like a mirror image of myself. what would our college selves say of us now?! i guess we're officially "old"

  3. oh man friend, this post came at a perfect time - i went out last night and had 2 DRINKS... like, what is that? that used to be HALF my pre-game! ahh the post-collegiate life...

  4. HAHAHAH this picture reminds me of many of mine from senior year... crap 6 years ago. i can no longer drink like i used too!

    hey atleast you were hot mess :p


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