Stripes : How I Wear Them

striped shirt 002striped shirt 001
I have a favorite striped shirt from Jcrew that I would have worn ever single day of my trip to Argentina if I could have! Luckily there aren't photos from the other 35 days I wore this shirt, or people would start calling me Where's Waldo.
p r o o f . . .
Here I am at Yerba Buena Park, San Francisco with a grandpa cardigan and a paisly silk scarf that I got for a dollar at Goodwill, similar to this look at The Sartorialist.

& at the prettiest graffiti ever in Buenos Aires with a high-waisted skirt from American Apparel {looks a bit like the Breathless look, no?}

p.s I also like to pair it with red lips and a red hair bow for a classic American color combo like Dree Hemingway on The Cut


  1. haha, your shirt is really nice, it doesn´t matter if you wear it all year long
    But you have to tell a little bit more about BA. What where buenos aires apartments like?
    We would definitely want to know!

  2. Brittany,
    I have a dream apartment in San Telmo that I will have to write about. Contact me with any questions : I would love to do a post!

  3. oh that shirt is lovely! i love those buys that are really, really worth it!
    your blog is so wonderful!


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