On Mothers Day

As far as anyone can tell, human beings are the only creatures on the planet that can consider their own mortality. Sure, all animals have a natural survival instinct and some, like elephants, even have rituals for death. We aren't alone in being affected when one of our own moves on, but we are unique in asking "where?".

I can't understand a divine influence that would make a creature with this kind of awareness and leave it no answer. We are a species with infinite imagination, with not only the ability to comprehend how finite life is, but to create fictional lives in art. We tell stories, write novels, and act out plays. But when we play God we are kinder.

We don't send our characters out into the lights with out letting them know whether the end will be an encore, a final curtain call, or just a costume change.


  1. This sufficiently ruined my newly applied makeup this morning. See: mascara dripping down my cheeks.

    <3 <3 <3 always always always.

  2. Poignant, personal, transcending into humanity's common questions, fears, and hopes. Your writing is just plain juicy!


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