Told You My Best Friend Was Cool ...

Tessa was on a new Portland style blog called Local Style Report!
She was so cool about the whole thing. I managed to catch the end of them taking her picture and I yelled "oh my gosh are you about to be on Urban Weeds???"{the Portland street-style blog I am obsessed with & have a dream of one day being on. One time they took pictures at my favorite morning coffee shop, The Fresh Pot, and I couldn't stop staring at the lady making my coffee. That early in the morning the only picture that is fit to be taken of me is a mugshot}

I'll hope she'll remember the little people she once shared a bed/closet with now that she is an internet celebrity. How cute is she, right!


  1. I think is WAY better!

  2. So great! Man I love her hair.

  3. I want her hair! And her tights are super cute.

  4. Thanks for posting this, we appreciated it. It was great fun taking her photo even though we were getting heckled the whole time :-) There are easier ways to get girls numbers without setting up complicated fashion blogs ;-)


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