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I have a personal history as a rule breaker. As soon as I see that sign that says 'no running' by the pool I want to break out in a full sprint. Knowing something isn't allowed makes doing it even more fun - which is probably a subconscious reason I suddenly really want to go to Cuba.

But it has beaches! they speak espanol! They grow sugar (my favorite food group)! They invented the mojito! they like baseball! Its a great place for writing : Ernest Hemingway loved it! {they have a communist government. it's a federal offense to go there. I'm probably on the no-fly list for writing this}

Pambiche 3Pambiche 2
Pambiche 1
So until the embargo is lifted I will settle with a place in Portland called Pambiche.
It's in a big, rainbow color, semi-victorian building in SE. If it was ever sunny here (these photos were taken in the middle of june. note the gray skies) it would feel like the real deal.

They have a delicioso happy hour (which they call la hora del amigo or the hour of friends) that starts at 2:00 p.m.! It includes this little thing called a palmbeach-cooler which is mint, white wine, white fruits and a stick of sugar cane that you can gnaw on like a bunny rabbit while you wait for your food to come.

Order the fried green banana tostones or creole fried pork masitas. Listen to some music which features lots of maracas and bongo drums & enjoy the defiance in these little forbidden pleasures!


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