It Makes Me Smile {guest post at Richellephant}

Richelle, over at Richellephant, is posting a list of things that make her readers smile. I was being a real piece of work yesterday, but after seeing her request I took a little time to stop being such a sourpuss and lighten up. It's nice the way that someone's blog can do that for you. & Richelle is awful crafty so you should check her out. She'll probably inspire you too.

white sheets

(10) things that make me smile:
1 • clothes that aren't mine
2 • grocery shopping
3 • loving someone down to their eye lashes
4 • hoarding girl scout cookies
5 • white sheets on a clothes line
{see: the picture I took at a hostel in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina}
6 • doodling hearts on everything
7 • champagne giggles
8 • college friends with blogs so they don't feel so far away
9 • ribbon and bows
10 • wearing too much jewelry


  1. I love your number 4 and 6. They make me smile like no other too :)!

  2. i was wondering, could you tell me what setting you put your camera at so that the pictures come out in such soft colour?

  3. Louise : Technically when my pictures come out this soft they are over exposed, but recently I started liking this look so I have posted a few.

    I'm not a real expert but i've found that the key is shooting in diffuse light - like the kind that comes at the end of the day (around 5), with an f.stop that is technically a little too high for the photo. ( = lets in too much light) This one is shot with 125 with lots of reflection which led to the washed out look. The ones from my birthday were shot in shade with 60, which gave a light I really liked.

    Also - the low contrast comes from shooting in the lower aperture numbers too (= letting in more light).

    Hope this helps! I'm a real novice when it comes to my SLR, especially by professional photographic standards. Love, Sam


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