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OSU Kappa Alpha Theta 2

As I went about opening the shop this morning I couldn't shake the faint sense of longing. I kept the music off, and the windows closed, and enjoyed the silent gray morning while wiping tables, until it came to me : a single frame in a moving film. It was the lingering sadness that comes from dreaming of someone lost. The day began, the espresso machine hummed, and the music played. But I wasn't there. I was somewhere deep inside my mind. The same way they are.

(p.s.) look at THIS entry from my best friend Laura, which i saw after I posted. Now that is a soulmate connection.


  1. holy crap. holy crap. we are soulmates. it's official. i can't believe we just posted the same thing from 3,000 miles away.

    wow. wow. wow.

  2. Sam I'm reading a book that talks about this specific moment and feeling. I just read this part today. I will send you the excerpt. Weird. And I love you.


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