Whistle While You Work

Throughout the course of my week my life tends to get a bit messy. By Wednesday my closet floor is covered in almost identical black pairs of tights, t-shirts, and a layer of espresso grounds. I usually haven't washed my hair since Monday

I like to call it prioritizing but most matters of appearance tend to fall by the wayside when I'm working. Which is why, on my day off, the first thing I do is deep clean my apartment. Tiding up isn't exactly something I consider fun or meaningful. It's a fresh start.

When the hard work is over I like to sit at my kitchen table, the apartment perfectly arranged and smelling like clorox. I pretend that I'm in a PotteryBarn catalog: a place where the dust never settles, and everyone has enough time sweep and shower more regularly.
And I'm hopeful for next week.

* pictured are some of my favorite things on my kitchen windowsill.
(1) Seashells from in front of my old home in Mission Beach. Inside a Yogi Tea fortune that reads "where there is love there is no question". (2) My boyfriend contributed the orange shaped candle, which I begrudgingly admit perfects the arrangement. (3) A set of vintage purple medicine bottles from a place I love more than Pottery Barn, Portland's Ink & Peat.


  1. this post makes me so happy. especially because it sounds EXACTLY like my weeks. as much as i continue to tell myself that i will clean as i go and do little things daily... it only gets done on my day off, and the rest of the week continues with my stuff/life scattering slowly over my whole apartment. i am pretty sure disorganization comes with being a creative, daydreaming soul.

  2. Wow. Scary how similar this sounds to my life...I like the way you put it: "Tiding up isn't exactly something I consider fun or meaningful. It's a fresh start." And being hopeful for next week :).

  3. I hope the kitchen windowsill in my new apartment is as pretty as yours!

  4. i live at my mom's still but every week i clean my room saturday or sunday morning to get a fresh start for the week. it helps me clear my head. ps cute orange candle! and i love the medicine bottles.

  5. amanda - i have faith that your window sill will be just as pretty, and photographed much prettier.


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