Falling Away


I often find myself missing something, even before it has gone. It's a kind of nostalgia felt in the present moment, a preemptive sadness.

Fall feels like it is mocking me; change dancing on the tips of every leaf blowing in the wind outside my window. Orange is set ablaze by blue (another set of opposites), the day progressing from cold to warm and back again - a full season in itself. It's not that I don't like these days, that's just it. I feel powerless as the world moves minutely and perceptibly away from them.

But this fall I am trying to learn the art of appreciation. I am soaking in every last bit of beauty this season provides - but when it's time, when the leaves turn, I will let them go.

[(1) photo on 35 mm film. (p.s) even better said by Laura, at a dairy of little things.]


  1. http://lauramariegiven.blogspot.com/2009/10/nostalgic-for-tonight.html

    ^^ soulmate evidence. <3 miss youuu!

  2. Beautiful. I empathize with the first paragraph completely.


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