A Masquerade Ball

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For my best friend, Tessa's, 25th birthday we had a black tie masquerade. We have a knack for throwing overly extravagant birthday parties - like last year, when we built a circus tent in the living room and sewed 200 feet of felt pennants. This year, Tessa's mask was covered in lace that she hand dyed with red wine (picture 2) and Andy's was inspired by David Bowie (picture 1).

My flash is broken and I don't own a tripod - so these are the few lucky photos that turned out steadying the camera on the kitchen counter. The light is dim, but also tinted orange because of the way the kitchen is painted. Not the kind of thing that would get you a good grade in photography class, but kind of neat all the same.

[ It was a party that couldn't be rivaled : not even by French Vogue which had a masquerade for their 90th anniversary party last week.]


  1. I love the lace covered mask; so beautiful!

  2. The photos turned out lovely! Thank you for letting me go over board like usual. Wait till you hear what we are doing for Dana's birthday.


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